Professional Counselling in Sydney’s CBD

Here at Pinwheel Psychology I offer professional support and advice to help people with relationship issues they might be experiencing. My therapy services aim to help clients better understand the shared relationship and discover the new processes and better communication. My relationship counselling in Sydney will help you find out how the relationship has changed and explore what your future options are going forward. I don’t advise whether or not you should stay together, I simply give you another perspective and help you to make the best decision for your best relationship.

We can also help couples who have come to the end of their relationship through the difficult separation or divorce process. Many people experience grief or anger during this process, which needs to be worked through constructively, so they can continue and thrive. Counselling can help people through a separation and an outside perspective offer constructive ways to move forward.

The end of any relationship can be a difficult and painful process and many people require some help transitioning through. It’s also common for many couples to experience difficulties during their relationship. An external perspective offered by a third party can really help you through the rough patches and the confusion.

No matter the issue, relationship counselling in Sydney can help you work through it. We don’t offer judgments or criticisms; rather we help by allowing you to see a different perspective and offering a new way forward.

If you would like to learn more about any of my services, or you would like to make a booking then please contact me today.


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