Career Coaching Fees

Benefit from Career Coaching

Pinwheel Psychology offers career counselling and mentoring services for clients who want to focus on improving their career or expand their employment opportunities. These services are ideal for:

  • university leavers entering the workplace for the first time
  • new Australians who require assistance and advice job seeking
  • workers wanting to gain a promotion or improve their job performance
  • those looking to transition to a new career
  • anyone unhappy in their current career and seeking advice on a career change


The Cost Of Career Coaching

Career Coaching Sessions: 1 Hour = $200

Career Coaching Packages coming soon!

Subsequent career coaching sessions may/can be charged in 30 minute increments or economic packages coming soon!

Packages for career coaching will encompass the number of phone calls and emails and continuous contact required within this process in a cost-effective way.

Career coaching sessions are a positive, transformative experience.

Please know the initial goals and requirements can change dramatically based on discussions or new findings during the sessions.

Any resulting changes in the required number of sessions to achieve your goals are in open discussion and agreement with you.



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