Therapy Session Fees

Private Therapy Session Costs

Medicare and private health insurance rebates are available for psychology services.

The consultation fee for individual therapy is $165 per session.

Bulk billing is not available for counselling services at Pinwheel Psychology. Reduced rates for private therapy consultations may be made available due to circumstances or time.

For clients seeking long term counseling services, a reduced rate may be negotiated after the completion of ten therapy sessions in a calendar year, and depending on your frequency of attendance at the psychology practice and the times of your therapy sessions. We can discuss the best ongoing strategies and treatment options with you.

Medicare Rebates For Psychologist Services

Clients of Pinwheel Psychology may be entitled to a rebate for their therapy session of $84.80 under Medicare. This rebate is applicable under a Mental Health Care Plan.

To receive a Medicare rebate you will need to be referred under a Mental Health Care Plan from a general practitioner or psychiatrist.

Bring your Mental Health Care Plan or your GP’s details with you to your first session.

The out-of-pocket expense will count towards your Medicare Safety Net. If you have reached the Safety Net amount Medicare will rebate you 80% of the out-of-pocket-expense.

Medicare offers a rebate for up to 10 sessions per calendar year in conjunction with your GP.

Find out more about obtaining a Mental Health Treatment Plan by reading this fact sheet.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

Many private health insurance funds provide rebates for psychology counselling and therapy but this depends on your individual level of cover and no referral is needed.

Please contact your private insurer for further information regarding your cover.

Cancellation Fee

Any change to appointment time must be provided at least 24 hours prior to your confirmed booking time; by texting direct on 0405 451 456 otherwise  you will be charged in full for your therapy session.


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