Your Questions Answered

Many new clients at Pinwheel Psychology have questions about our range of counselling services.  These are the answers to some of the regular questions we receive about how Samantha Symes can help clients to meet the challenges in their life.

What is the difference between and Psychology and Psychotherapy?

Psychology is a style of counselling that examines behaviours and thoughts, both conscious and unconscious for more rewarding life.  Psychotherapy is used to explore thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and improve self-understanding of actions. It is also an established method for assisting clients to manage mental health symptoms.

At Pinwheel Psychology we use Relational Psychotherapy, a style of treatment that is recognised for supporting clients to obtain lasting, integrated change to patterns of thinking and behaviour, so they can build better interpersonal relationships.

I have just finished university. Can you help me get a job?

Our Career Coaching services are ideal for job seekers who are entering the workforce for the first time or returning to the workplace after an absence.

As well as being a qualified and experienced Psychologist, Samantha Symes comes from a background in professional recruitment. For clients starting a career after studying, or looking to transition to a new job, Samantha can work with you to improve your job prospects.

As well as offering valuable insider tips on how to successfully navigate the recruitment process, her career coaching sessions can include

  • employment matching
  • interview preparation and skills
  • confidence building techniques

I just need someone to talk to. Can I book an appointment?

Yes! You do not need a referral to see a psychologist.

We all face stressors in our life and rather than keep all those emotions and feelings buried inside to fester or overwhelm us, the healthy option is to discuss them with a trusted.

When we internalise the daily stress of our life or get so caught up in the day-to-day we are unable to process life-changing stressful events, it affects both our psychological and physical health.

By talking through thoughts and feelings with a psychologist you can develop healthy strategies for dealing with life’s challenges:

  • advance your problem-solving skills
  • recognise patterns of unhealthy behaviour
  • learn techniques for dealing with stressors
  • build greater self-confidence
  • learn a greater sense of self.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT, is a type of Psychotherapy.

CBT is a holistic therapy that provides clients with practical coping skills by helping clients change those unhelpful or unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Together we examine patterns of negative thinking and how they might be affecting the client’s quality of life. CBT involves examining how negative thoughts may be preventing the client from reaching their goals or living the life they want.

Then, together, the client and Samantha Symes work on practical strategies to replace those negative thought patterns with more constructive, positive thinking and behaviours.


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