Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Therapy Services

A Pinwheel keeps spinning as it turns to face the wind.

People often have to just keep spinning.

What are you facing?

How Can I Help?

At Pinwheel Psychology we focus on individual change; together we work on the changes you want to make or discover.

Sometimes it’s not a choice but a period when you feel you have no option but to seek support from another when the way you have been operating does not work anymore and then sometimes it is a firm, bold choice to be different in life.

Client issues of focus can include but are not limited to:

  • Individuals in a relationship or marriage that they want to improve, understand better, or move out of.
  • Life transitions and preferred directions in regard to work, family, health, wealth, career, relationships, social interactions, personal goals and inner desires.
  • Understanding and managing the presenting symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress perfectionism and self-esteem issues.
  • Working with your creativity, ambitions or long-held personal desires that require reflection, exploration, action and clear strategies. Including examining blocks, igniting your motivation to start and maintaining your focus.
  • Ongoing support and guidance for all of your relationships and the cross-impact at work and home, along with understanding your past and family history in regard to your present thoughts and behaviours; both conscious and unconscious.


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Potts Point:
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